our li-ion battery is rechargeable for more than 1200 times!

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New Wisdom li-ion battery New Wisdom LED cap lamp
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LED miner's lamp NEW
KL8M mineral lamp
KL8M The old lamp (left) compare with our li-ion battery lamp (right)
Charger >>
GWB-15 Portable Charger
KCLA series charger rack
KCLA-12A module compact style charger rack
ZLCD-34 charger module to reborn the old rack
LED miner's lamp also call:
LED cap lamp
LED safety lamp
LED mining lamp
KL5M LED mineral lamp

complete specification PDF format
NEW WISDOM Miner's lamp booklet(950k)
NEW WISDOM KL5M LED Miner's lamp booklet(380k)
NEW WISDOM KL8M Double filaments Miner's lamp booklet(450k)
NEW WISDOM GWB-15 Portable charger booklet(400k)
NEW WISDOM KCLA series charger rack booklet(350k)
NEW WISDOM ZLCD series charge module booklet(450k)

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li-ion battery
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Answers of frequently asked questions to miner's lamp

Sample policy:
Samples fee is usd98 for one piece, it is prepaid in advance for lamp sample. Please offer your express account for us to send you the samples. such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, and TNT etc. So that you're able to receive the samples ASAP.

Remittance Route
How to charge - when to charge table

Batteries are ready to work in an instant (provided they are charged) and can be used in a reasonably wide temperature range. Charging, on the other hand, has limitations and the user should follow recommended guidelines on how and when to charge. Each battery chemistry has its own charging preference. Properly applied, the battery will provide better performance and will live longer.

Ideal handling is not always possible. Any deviation from a perfect condition will have a negative effect; some only marginally. Prolonged exposure to heat will likely be the largest enemy.
x Nickel-based (NiCd and NiMH) Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Lead-acid (Sealed or flooded)
Should I use up all battery energy before charging? Yes, fully discharge once every 1-3 months to prevent memory. It is not necessary to deplete the battery before each charge. Over cycling wears down NiMH. No, it is better to recharge more often; avoid frequent full discharges.
Yes, on batteries with a fuel gauge, allow a full discharge once a month to enable reset
No, it is better to recharge more often; avoid frequent full discharges. Deep cycles wear down the battery. Use a larger battery if full cycles are required.
Should I charge my battery partially or fully? Allow full charge without interruptions. Repeated partial charge can cause heat buildup. (Many chargers terminate charge by heat. A fully charged battery will re-heat, causing overcharge.) Does not matter. Charging in stages is acceptable. Full charge termination occurs by reading the voltage level and charge current. Charging a full battery is safe and does not cause harm. Does not matter. Charging in stages is acceptable. Full charge termination occurs by reading the voltage level and charge current. Charging a full battery is safe and does not cause harm.
Should the battery be kept charged when not in use? Not critical. Manufacturers recommend a 40% charge for long storage. (Open terminal voltage cannot determine state-of-charge.) Store in a cool place. Battery can be fully depleted and recharged. Priming may be needed. Best to store at 40% charge or 3.75-3.80V/cell open terminal. Cool storage is more important than state-of-charge. Do not fully deplete battery because Li-ion may turn off its protection circuit. IMPORTANT: always keep battery fully charged. A discharged battery causes sulfation (insulating layer in the cell). This condition is often irreversible.
Will the battery heat up during charge? Yes, towards full charge. The battery must cool down when ready. Discontinue using a charger that keeps the battery warm on standby. No, little heating is generated during charge. A large laptop battery may get lukewarm. Do not allow the battery to heat during charge. No, the battery should remain cool or lukewarm to the touch. The battery must remain cold on maintenance charge.
What are the allowable charging temperatures? Important: Rechargeable batteries can be used under a wide temperature range.
This does not automatically permit charging at these extreme conditions.
The maximum allowable charge temperatures are shown below:
Slow charge (0.1)
Fast charge (0.5-1C)
0ºC - 45ºC
5ºC - 45ºC
Charging a hot battery decreases the charge time. The battery may not fully charge.
0ºC - 45ºC, 5ºC- 45ºC
Temperature sensor may prevent charge or cut off the charge prematurely.
0ºC - 45ºC
5ºC- 45ºC
Warm temperature lowers the battery voltage. Serious overcharge occurs if the cut-off voltage is not reached.
What should I know about chargers? Best results are achieved with a fast-charger that terminates the charge by other than temperature alone. Fastest full-charge time: Slightly over 1 hour. Charger should apply full charge. Avoid economy chargers that advertise one-hours charge. Fastest full-charge time: 2-3 hours. Multi-level charges shorten charge time. Charge must be fully saturated. Failing to do so will gradually decrease the capacity. Fastest full-charge time: 8-14 hours.



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